CEO's Message

As the CEO of Ravi Urban Development Authority, the scope of my responsibilities goes beyond just the promotion of economic development and revenue generation. My duty is to bring about such social and environmental changes in the region that will help undo the damage that has been done due to the negligence of past governments. 

Building the Ravi City is not just an official task to me, rather it is my mission to materialize our Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan's dream i.e. to bring Lahore back to its glory. Ravi City project is one of the largest and most extensive development projects that have ever been done in or for Lahore. It will not only reinvigorate the River Ravi but will also accelerate the economic pace of Pakistan. Ravi City will be an eco-friendly fortress of technological advancements. Be it energy generation, economic activity, research & development, medical, education, or culture, this city will employ the most advanced methods to revolutionize the socio-economic and environmental landscape of the region.

Ravi City is not a housing scheme, rather it is a project to build a city on the banks of River Ravi that will restore the natural water resources of the region. A team of young enthusiasts is working under the supervision of the most experienced and competent leaders to bring this revolutionary city from papers to grounds. The days are just around the corner when every citizen of this region will have access to a healthier, cleaner, and better lifestyle.

With God Almighty's will and your support, we will resurrect the glories of River Ravi and the City of Ravi.

Imran Amin

Ravi Urban Development Authority