Chairman's Message

The Chairman’s role as the executive of Lahore’s most strategic authority RUDA is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development and improvement of environment. My vision and mission is to convert a dream of Imran Khan the legend Prime Minister of Pakistan into reality by building the New Ravi city a savior for existing Lahore second largest city of Pakistan. The largest venture and initiative of the present Government by re charging a dead river and develop a most modern habitat around it, a city in sync with worlds most modern cities, an echo friendly Green city like Singapore and with its skyscrapers rising high on horizon of Lahore is going to bring in huge economic activity in the country.   The biggest initiative of present government can’t succeed unless citizens of Lahore become part of its glory and history making.

AS CEO and Chairman, I am asking for prayers from citizens of Lahore, come forward and join us in this mission. Team of youngsters coupled with experience is something this country has not seen before and that’s the team you see in our office. My mission is to make this new city residents live in the world’s best river front marina with quality life. We are saving dying and depleting water level in Lahore, eliminating smog, enhancing greenery and creating an agriculture zone with hubs of technology.

Life is fragile, we are not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you have got. Without passion, you don’t have energy and without energy you simply have nothing. Ravi city is Passion we aim and commit ourselves to Pakistan

Rashid Aziz