Chairman's Message

As a chairman of this project, I take immense pride to rightfully claim that the Ravi City is the first project in the history of Pakistan that aims to build a major city on the banks of the River Ravi. We plan not only to bring the River Ravi back to its unwavering glories but also build a city that will be a hub of social, economic, and welfare revolution.

Lahore, the most adored city of Pakistan, faces social, economic, environmental, and residential issues, which are growing with the ever increasing population. Citizens have limited access to clean water or even clean air. Rapid urbanization and unplanned residential societies have made it even more challenging for citizens to enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Ravi City is an attempt to undo this damage. This project is more than just a development plan, rather it is a vision to make our future safer, cleaner, and better by ensuring sustainability and availability of natural resources. Water storage systems, water treatment plants, artificial lakes, and barrages, etc. are the techniques that will be employed in Ravi City to fight water scarcity.

Other than rehabilitation of natural water resources, the city will also host hubs of specialized development activities. Medical City, Knowledge City, Innovation City, Commercial City, Tourism & Entertainment City, and Sports City, etc. are going to focus on their respective fields and bring about revolutionary changes to eventually accelerate the progress of the country.

A competent team, comprising young experts and experienced leaders, is working very hard to bring the glorious Lahore back. Be a part of this revolution and make history.


Salman Shah

Ravi Urban Development Authority