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It is time for Ravi City
The new city aims to cater to the major concerns of overpopulation, traffic congestion, heavy pollution, water scarcity and flooding. Ravi Riverfront City will provide the people of Lahore a space where they can live life to the fullest and embrace a multitude of opportunities, while keeping the city’s rich culture and heritage alive
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Prime Minister's Message
Today on the eve of launching RUDA website for Ravi city one of the biggest mega project we have launched in our history, I congratulate the nation and Lahoris. This shall save Lahore by stopping spread of unplanned urban sprawl, raise water level, revive river Ravi preventing it from becoming a sewerage nullah.
CM's Message
Development can never happen in isolation or in silos. It must be holistic and it must be all inclusive. It must preserve our environment and our resources for our coming generations.
Minister's Message
Ravi City Project comes as a sigh of relief not only for the dwellers of Lahore but a promise of environmental sustainability and economic progress.

Chairman's Message
Ravi City, a game-changing futuristic project that will resurrect River Ravi and create unlimited social and economic opportunities for citizens of Punjab and Pakistan.
CEO's Message
The largest venture and initiative of the present Government by recharging a dead river and develop a most modern habitat around it.
If Ravi City is being developed to address sprawl, is it not possible to control Lahore’s sprawl in more effective ways than building another city and contributing to sprawl directly? Lahore continues to expand outwards with new low-density residential developments which have high social, environmental and economic costs. Would it not be better to address this challenge head on by planning for higher densities in the city? .
If Ravi City is being developed to provide low-carbon, pedestrian-friendly sustainable transport that will be less harmful to the environment, can we not adopt a similar approach in Lahore now? The number of public buses in Lahore has been falling, walkability and pedestrian infrastructure is fast disappearing, and public bodies continue to prioritise road and underpass construction for car-users..
If we want to improve air quality, forestation and the environment through the new city, can we explain why we have to do so through the destruction of existing agricultural land and ecological systems? .
At the time when plans for sustainable transport were announced for Ravi City, the LDA announced the building of underpasses and tunnels on Mall Road. In May, the Lahore Commissioner’s office announced multiple new overhead and flyover projects. Are sustainable transport plans only applicable in one city and not the other? .
If we want to address the housing needs of a growing population, detailed plans should be shared with the public so that these can be better assessed. Can we also clarify why the project spokesperson has shared that only five to 10 percent of the constructed housing will be provided for low-income groups (under the Naya Pakistan Housing project)? .
The majority of unmet demand for housing in Lahore stems from low- to lower-middle income groups, and this demand is likely to increase in the coming years. Why is the project prioritizing the needs of those without a need for housing — those who already have a wide range of options in Lahore — as compared to those who are unable to access the formal market? .